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Working motherThe moment that you experience a new phase in your life as a mother, it has an immediate effect on you. Both at home and at work. You realise that life in not longer as it used to be. Your priorities change, you juggle with a lot of balls, and it seems that others need you all the time. Afraid as you are to disappoint others, to be not good enough, and not be appreciated enough, you find it very hard to set your boundaries and say ‘no’. As a result, you feel torn between what you want and what others expect from you. Because you are so busy, you have the idea you do everything by halves. This makes you feel guilty. You are afraid to deprive your child, your partner and your work. Slowly you are losing yourself and your dreams. This makes you feel burned-out, frustrated and passionless. If you let things just drift, it harms your family, your relationship, your work and foremost yourself. Moms&More understands this.

Would you like to:

  • Juggle effectively with all the balls, feel confident, be relaxed in managing all roles you have in life, and make those choices that give you more energy, balance, peace, and flow in your life?
  • Feel happy and blissfull in the new phases in your life, and have insight in what you want, feel, think, believe and could do at home and work?
  • Have more balance in your family, feel at ease as a mother in combination with all other facets of your life, be on the same wavelenght as your partner, and feel not only a mom but also a woman?
  • Take more time for yourself, and for those things that are truly important to you?
  • Know what truly makes you happy as a woman, mother and as a professional, and would you like to make choices that suit you and your family well?

Services in English

Moms&More is offering several services in English all focusing on guiding you to more happiness in work and life.

PowerMom with Passion – Program

Discover what blocks you in reaching your goals and receive lasting solutions immediately. Become a happy PowerMom within 8 weeks. Results guaranteed!


Workshops, Training and Presentations.
For true eye-openers and Aha-moments.

PowerMom with Passion – Program

In this intensive program you will get thorough understanding in what blocks you to live the life that you were born for and the life that makes you feel radiant, energetic, and strong. Next, we will dissolve thes blockages quickly and permanently. It also becomes crystal clear for you what makes you happy in life and work and you will take concrete steps to achieve this. This program will give you in no-time a positive and sustainable change in your life. Results are even guaranteed!

This program is tailor made. We use the innovative Creatrix® method, the only female formulated breakthrough method in the world that releases women from their limiting emotions and beliefs long term, and you will be guided with weekly (via Skype and/or Face2Face) sessions, as well as homework- and refection exercises. Within 2 months you have experienced a true breakthrough and paved your way for a more happy future, for yourself and your family. You even get a guarantee with respect to the results!

Even when you live abroad or when it is not possible for you to schedule Face2Face sessions, it is also possible to follow The PowerMom with Passion-Program! We will do all our sessions online. Experience proves that this is just as effective and successful as offline sessions.

    “Would you like real and lasting change in the balance between life and work? Allow yourself to follow the Powermom with Passion – Program. Nikolien helps you with motivational sessions to persevere and to reach the goals you have dreamt of for years in a very positive manner!”

    Nathalie Krom, Marketer

    “A real breakthrough! I was searching for a program like this for a very long time! For years I have seen therapists and coaches. I did understand myself well, and understood the effects from my past. However, I never seemed to be able to release certain behavior. With the PowerMom with Passion – Program I was able to do this for the very first time.”

    I.D., Journalist

    “In these 7 weeks I have accomplished that I feel safe and self-confident. This feeling resides strong within me and is not effected by situations and people. I look back at a very suuccesful program that gave me not only more awareness but also extra certainty. Very tough and persisnet patterns in my behavior, blockages and mechanisms are fundamentally tackled and cleared. I’m very happy with the guidance by Nikolien. I find her both professional, as well as empathetic. It gives me a lot of support.”

    Anonymous, Physician


You can book me for online and offline workshops, training, lectures and presentations. In Dutch or English language, incompany or for a group of friends! Just contact me to discuss the possibilities. I also regularly organise workshops, please see for all dates the calendar (In Dutch).

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So, are you ready to get happy again with yourself and your life? Have a question? Interested in a coaching package? Need support? I’d love to hear from you! Simply complete the form and I’ll be back in touch with you just as quickly as I can!